Buck Biloxi is the hard-fronting frontman of fake band Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, the world's only real punk band that isn't bullshit.

Culling all the burned-out, hate-fueled visceral verbiage ...into an impossibly catchy and dare we even say poetic benchmark of garbage spun into gold... just never lets loose of its grip around your neck/life until your record player is emitting the typical black smoke of overheated electronics. The guitars-cum-food-processors tone is still hitting the spot every time... establishing this New Orleans troupe as one of the modern era's greats, stomping their way through a sea of pretenders.
Victim of Time

No marketing hype is sufficient to convey how much of an impact the music of Buck Biloxi would have had on future generations if it were not for the coming mass extinction.

Buck Biloxi-I Ruined My Life